Happy New Year to All Filmgoers!

As the end of the year is near, it’s time, to sum up, the year from a filmmaker’s point of view. We have to admit, 2018 was very favourable to us and full of positive events.
1. Travelling! Our films travelled all over the world, and sometimes we travelled with them too (Spain, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Indonesia, South Korea, Canada, France, US). It’s always wonderful to assist film festivals and screenings and to hear what the audience thinks about your films. 

2. Getting awards! We make films because it’s our passion, but still, it’s an amazing feeling when you get rewarded for your work. Here are the highlights of the year: Best International Short Film for Last Day of Summer (Rome, Italy), Bronze Award for Ripples (Warsaw, Poland), and finally Best Performance Young Actor for Jonah Paul at 39th Young Artist Academy Award (Los Angeles, US).
3. Working with amazing people! Making films is always teamwork, which allows you to meet great and talented people – actors, directors, cinematographers, editors, to name but a few. We believe, that next year AKA FILM will also have a chance to cooperate with many inspiring people on many new film projects.

Happy New Year! May your 2019 be like the best film ever; full of suspense, magical coincidences, good characters, with an amazing plot and happy end (!), and of course, full of good (film) entertainment!