It’s been a while…

… since we updated our website for the last time. However, this does not mean that nothing happened during this time. We took part in the production of several new films – documentaries and short fiction films. One of the films we produced in 2022 was the documentary “I Am Free” – a film about Tomasz Seweryn, a man with big passion. Tomasz is an upholsterer who loves his job and can talk for hours about what his work is all about (the film is in Polish language, the version with English subtitles is coming soon).


It’s been a while since we made a short film ka-SHE-ia as part of the FEMALE FACES project. Finally, we had a first screening which happened in September at Access Arts at Silver Towers in New York City!  

Female Faces is a non-profit project about female empowerment and women’s rights that engages with filmmakers and composers from around the world.

ka-SHE-ia: Energy is everything. It flows, transcends and always comes full circle. Beauty, youth, happiness and sorrow – they all come and go. Through reflection, compassion and connection with nature, we can become one with the energy of the universe.

Idea/Directed/Edited by Adriana Kulig Cinematography Magda Kowalczyk Original Music Layal Watfeh






Female Faces Logo

EMIGRA Film Festival – for the first time in London!

On 12th December 2020 we organised the first London edition of the EMIGRA Film Festival. The festival aims to showcase the wealth of Polish filmmakers who live abroad, and has been running in Warsaw, Poland for the last 8 years. Like many other events in 2020, the festival was streamed online. The program of the festival was filled with films and interviews with filmmakers (including Oscar’s winner, producer and director Peter Fudakowski and BAFTA member and cinematographer – Witold Stok, amongst many others). During the Festival we highlighted the past and present contribution by Polish filmmakers who made London (or the UK) their home. We showed many films including the films of Roman Polański, experimental filmmakers Franciszka and Stefan Themerson, and Peter Fudakowski.                                                                       


The festival was hosted by Adriana Kulig and Elzbieta Smolenska.  Read More

Porto Femme International Film Festival

Ripples at PORTO

We would like to share good news – our short film Ripples is going to be screened during Porto Femme Film Festival (6-10th October).

This year is not easy for all of us, and organising a film festival seems more difficult than ever. We are grateful to the festival organisers for choosing our film and, we wish you all the best for the upcoming event. 

You can find the programme of the festival and more information about the event at 

Porto FF


Bye, bye 2019! Welcome 2020!

2019 was very generous to us – we’ve received awards, and our films were screened at the festivals in Europe and the US; we felt blessed. Let’s hope 2020 will be even better! 


May your 2020 be like the best film ever: full of suspense, magical coincidences, good characters, with a fantastic plot and – of course – with a happy end! 


Happy New Year to you all!

Our films in Berlin!

 We are happy to announce that our two short films – Last Day of Summer and Ripples – are going to be screened during the 7th edition of EMIGRA Film Festival in Berlin. So, if you are in Berlin, please join us during the screening at Kino Arsenal (Potsdamer Straße 2, Berlin)  on Sunday 8th December at 12.00.  


Kino Arsenal 

EMIGRA       Trailer  



Award for Patricia Loveland!

Thank you so much Earls Court Film Festival for awarding our lead actress Patricia Loveland with the Producer’s Choice Winner Award for her performance in Last Day of Summer. She totally deserves it! 

The producers of the Festival are Caroline Tod-Richardson, Toby Brown and Sean Duffy, and this year the Festival celebrated its fifth edition. You can find more about the Festival and 2019’s winners at



Patricia Loveland with Aleksandra Czenczek (director of Last Day of Summer), and Caroline Tod-Richardson and Toby Brown