Warren Tylor as Ronnie Lane

RONNIE LANE / Official Music Video / NATAN GALILI

We are happy to share this news – a new music video we made for Natan Galili, very talented singer from Israel, is finally on line. This song was written in tribute to bassist and songwriter, Ronnie Lane, of the Small Faces and Faces, who also had a beautiful solo career. It is the second single of Natan Galili’s upcoming album, Sorrow Incarnate.   To watch the video (and listen to the music!) go to the singer’s site Natan Galili


Video Directed & Edited by Aleksandra Czenczek, Starring: Warren Taylor & Micky The Dog, Director of Photography: Magda Kowalczyk, Producer: Adriana Kulig, Production Cooperation: Monika Lipanovitch  


“Ronnie Lane” Written, Performed, Produced & Mixed by Natan Galili, Other Performers (piano, bass & drums respectively): Or Dromi, Ziv Grinberg & Guy Ben Ami, Mastered by Jeff Lipton at Peerless Mastering, Boston, MA, Assistant Mastering Engineer: Maria Rice

Warren Tylor as Ronnie Lane

Warren Taylor as Ronnie Lane