LAST DAY OF SUMMER- coming soon!

Last Day of Summer is our latest short film, we have shot at the beginning of September at the beautiful beach of West Kirby, not far from Liverpool. Currently, the film is in postproduction.  The main role is played by an amazing actress PATRICIA LOVELAND. We are honored that she has agreed to play the role of Grace!  She has worked with some of the best directors, in featured roles, such as Dustin Hoffman (Quartet), Neil Jordan (Byzantium) and Katie Mitchell (The Boy I Love). She has also appeared in several TV commercials. 


The beginning of a new year is always a good time to think about new projects.

What film would we like to shoot next?  Who would we like to cooperate with? Is there any particular story we would like to tell? And when will it be possible?

We already have new ideas and plans and will share them when the time is right. Also, we will share more information about our last short film Ripples.

Coming soon!

Happy New Year! Let’s make many great films!